The Rickhaus Lab - Shaping Polyaromatic Systems 

Our small group is based in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Zurich, where we join organic synthesis with supramolecular chemistry through molecular topography. What we don't know, we learn. What we can't learn, we create!

We aim to gain a fundamental understanding of carbon-based non-planar morphologies, their dynamic behaviour and the rules that govern supramolecular order. This will give us the ability to build functional materials from the molecular scale. More details on our research mission here.

For more of an idea of what we do, take a look at our publications. If you would like to come and work with us, have a read of our vacancies page. Like graphics? Find some here.

Looking for a Praktika or a Master Thesis? We got space for you. Read more here and here


18.12.2022 Michel was awarded a prestigious Sandoz fellowship. We are going to Geneva this August 23! Come visit us at Sciences II at the University of Geneva.

30.11.2022 Christmas was celebrated a little bit early in the group. We enjoyed our dinner and exchanging of our Secret Santas. Happy Christmas!

27.10.2022 We will be moving to Geneva next summer and are looking for PhD candidates. Apply now!

07.10.2022 We welcomed Silvia to our group as a PostDoc, joining from the Peña Group in Santiago, Spain, and Rachele returns to begin her Master's work under the supervision of Lucía.

21.09.2022 Lucía, Joe and Michel publish a mini-review on 2D supramolecular materials in Organic Materials. Read it here: the archive

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