Applications to join our group are always extremely welcome from outstanding and enthusiastic master students, PhD and postdoctoral candidates. Our main activity is organic synthesis, but we also have a strong interest in supramolecular chemistry and molecular topography. All members of the group learn about a wide range of mostly organic chemistry and techniques. For project ideas see here and here. 

Interested? All you need is a bit of time and a usual application package with a cover letter, CV, research summary, and transcripts of grades. Smash that button and let's go! Remember: For us, only competencies count. Send us your application regardless of origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ideology or disability! 

BSc and MSc

Current space: (lots)
Want to work in the lab, get a feel for research? Happy to help! We can make space for you for all levels of your education.

PhD Students

Current space: 0 funded position
As always, we have lab space for candidates that bring their own funding. 


Current space: 0 funded positions
As always, we have lab space for candidates that bring their own funding. 

Our Facilities at UNIGE

We have state-of-the-art laboratories on the Sciences II campus with fully renovated lab space. A large lab, spacious benches, desks with a river view, a personal fume hood (and rotovap 😊) is as much included as access to top-end spectroscopy facilities (NMR, MS etc), computational cluster, glove boxes, our own GC-MS and chemical storage room. We work closely with the other teams within the department and beyond for more elaborate experiments.

We are located in office 276 and labo 274 @ Sciences II of the University of Geneve (UNIGE), about 20 minutes away from the railway station (Gare Cornavin) and 30' from Geneva airport. Sciences II is best reached by tram/bus – google is your friend.

Stop by and have a chat with us!