Older News

03.09.2020 We have closed the call on our PostDoc positions. More infos on the new members soon! We still have space for BSc and MSc students!

19.05.2020 We profoundly thank the Dr. Helmut Legerlotz-Stiftung and the FAN for supporting a PostDoctoral candidate. We now have a PostDoc position open!

12.05.2020 Congratulations to Melissa for receiving a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship! And to the rest of the team, who all featured in ChemistryWorld!

06.01.2020 Lucia has arrived from Spain to put all the chemicals in boxes that the rest of us left out. Welcome Lucia!

01.10.2019 Joe has run over from the island to join the lab. Welcome mate!

11.09.2019 We have a funded PhD position open as well as bench-space for Master Students/PostDocs

02.09.2019 Melissa has brought the Lebanese sunshine to our lab. Welcome Melissa!