Older News

27.06.2023 The group travelled to the ISMSC conference in Reykjavik, Iceland.

27.02.2023 We welcome Nils to our group from the Group of Meijer in the Netherlands as our latest PhD student!

31.01.2023 Congratulations to Elie and Michel for their publication in Helvetica Chimica Acta in collaboration with the Gademann group.

03.01.2023 And the BATA team publish again, this time in Helvetica Chimica Acta. Congratulations Kai, Mélissa and Phil!

21.12.2022 Kai, Phil and Mélissa had their article on triazaseptanes published in Chemistry: A European Journal. Congratulations!

22.12.2022 Michel is awarded a prestigious Sandoz grant to support him in Geneva next year! Congratulations Michel!

30.11.2022 Christmas was celebrated a little bit early in the group. We enjoyed our dinner and exchanging of our Secret Santas. Happy Christmas!

27.10.2022 We will be moving to Geneva next summer and are looking for PhD candidates. Apply now!

07.10.2022 We welcomed Silvia to our group as a PostDoc, joining from the Peña Group in Santiago, Spain, and Rachele returns to begin her Master's work under the supervision of Lucía.

21.09.2022 A double publication day! Michel publishes an article in CHIMIA about how to make your illustrations better. Read it here: https://chimia.ch/chimia/article/view/2022_748 

21.09.2022 Lucía, Joe and Michel publish a mini-review on 2D supramolecular materials in Organic Materials. Read it here: https://www.thieme-connect.com/products/ejournals/abstract/10.1055/a-1932-0463 

05.08.2022 Mélissa becomes a representative of the YoungSCS for UZH.

01.08.2022 Fabienne joins our group for Bachelor's Internship.

31.07.2022 Lorena defends her Bachelor's thesis.

10.07.2022 Mélissa, Joe and Michel travel to Madrid, Spain to attend the ICPP12 conference.

13.07.2022 "Shape-assisted self-assembly" is selected in Nature Communications Editor's highlights.

03.07.2022 The entire group (minus Michel who was at the SupraChem conference) travels to Warsaw, Poland to attend ISNA19 (Michel arrived later).

30.06.2022 We were sad to say goodbye to Thomas, our first ever PostDoc, who moves on to industry.

27.06.2022 The first work from the lab was published in Nature Communications. Congratulations to Joe, Lucía, Andreas and Michel! Read it here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-022-31482-2 

24.06.2022 Phil and Michel go to Eugene, USA to attend ISMSC.

15.06.2022 Mélissa, Lucía and Joe present their work at the annual CMSZH Graduate School retreat with talks in Savognin.

18.02.2022 We finally got round to having a very late Christmas Dinner.

08.02.2022 Michel publishes his first independant article in collaboration with Michal Juríček and Jay Siegel. Read it here: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/jacs.1c11032

19.01.2022 Mélissa, Joe and Lucía attend the EYChem Conference (virtually). Congratulations to Joe and Lucía for picking up Best Oral and Best Poster Presentation prizes!

09.01.2022 Our second PostDoc, Phil, has joined us from the Avestro Group in the UK.

08.01.2022 Our first paper on Shape-Assisted Self-Assembly (SASA) is on chemrxiv.

10.12.2021 Lucía wins a Teaching Assistant of the Year award. Congratulations!

21.11.2021 Mike Haley visits UZH on his European tour and the group goes hiking in the Alps before he presents his research at the Department Seminar.

26.10.2021 Leg 2 of the FFPi Seminar, this time in Zurich. Thomas presents his research with an oral contribution.

01.10.2021 We move our labs across to the UZH5 new buildings.

06.09.2021 Rachele defends her Bachelor's thesis.

01.09.2021 The first leg of the FFPi Symposium begins in Berlin with all of our PhDs presenting their research as talks.

01.08.2021 We said goodbye to Pauline who finished her internship with us and moves on to start with her Thesis in the Juríček Group.

15.07.2021 Come and see our posters at the Doktorandentag this year!

01.07.2021 Congratulations to Joe for receiving a Forschungskredit Candoc research grant.

21.06.2021 Congratulations to Mélissa for a Teaching Assistant of the Year Award.

26.03.2021 Goodbye to Elie who is off to start his PhD in the Clever Group at the University of Dortmund.

09.03.2021 We welcomed Pauline for a Master's Internship from the University of Würzburg.

01.03.2021 Welcome to our first Bachelor students, Rachele and Lorena!

05.11.2020 We went on our first ever group trip. Two days in Wallis/Valais.

25.10.2020 From the Far East PhD-student #4 is on his way to us. 热烈欢迎 Kai! We still have space for BSc and MSc students!

01.10.2020 Our first PostDoc Thomas has joined us from Wien (as soon as he is out of quarantine). Welcome!

14.09.2020 Master Elie, welcome to the fold! Happy to have you on board for an exciting internship.

03.09.2020 We have closed the call on our PostDoc positions. More infos on the new members soon! We still have space for BSc and MSc students!

19.05.2020 We profoundly thank the Dr. Helmut Legerlotz-Stiftung and the FAN for supporting a PostDoctoral candidate. We now have a PostDoc position open!

12.05.2020 Congratulations to Mélissa for receiving a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship! And to the rest of the team, who all featured in ChemistryWorld!

01.04.2020 Lucía joins the UZH Orga Team, who are responsible for organising the Graduate School Retreat.

06.01.2020 Lucía has arrived from Spain to put all the chemicals in boxes that the rest of us left out. Welcome Lucia!

01.10.2019 Joe has run over from the island to join the lab. Welcome mate!

11.09.2019 We have a funded PhD position open as well as bench-space for Master Students/PostDocs 

02.09.2019 Mélissa has brought the Lebanese sunshine to our lab. Welcome Melissa!